The Coba Story

Coba Companies Inc., is made up of Coba Communities which builds custom designed affordable homes in communities, Coba Construction which is the exclusive contractor for Coba Communities, Coba Custom Homes which designs and builds craftsman quality homes for smart buyers, Coba Land Development which entitles, develops and sells land and building lots, and Coba Capital which provides equity financing for real estate developers and builders.

We learn from you what’s important to you, and then we bring our new approaches in homebuilding into play and design and build your home, with you at heart.

Vision, Innovation and Execution

The incredible Vision displayed by the original architects of the city are evident in its design. Coba is the nexus of the largest network of stone causeways (raised pathways or roads) in the ancient Mayan world. At the time, this level of ‘connected’ or ‘community’ thinking in civil architecture had never been seen before.

Mayan Innovation presents itself in the small communities of residential homes that were built and which were connected by causeways. The communities of roughly fifteen homes built in clusters are not unlike our neighborhoods today. And the stone causeways between them reflect our paved roads in the modern world. An innovation to create this kind of connectivity 1,500 years ago is remarkable.

Finally, and in some ways most impressive of all, the Mayan vision and design innovations were brought to life in the execution of the work and the actual building of the structures. Incredibly, a fair number of the causeways and structures built 1,000 to 1,500 years ago can still be seen today.

Coba Communities and Coba Construction are dedicated to emulate these three attributes in pursuit of the same age old levels of transcendent vision, innovation and execution.