May 15, 2021

History of Puyallup

Coba Communites just opened up its first offices in the city of Puyallup, WA this year! We’re so happy to call this place our new home and wanted to share a little with you about why we think this place is so special.

Each year over a million people descend upon Puyallup Washington to attend the numerous festivals and fairs at the Washington State grounds. The events range from games and rollercoasters to concerts and rodeos. The Daffodil fair is the largest of the events with so much wonderful food, especially the locally famous Puyallup scones.

The Meeker Mansion is another local attraction to the city where all of the tourists and Puyallup students alike visit for its historical significance. This mansion was home to the family of famous Oregon trail pioneer Ezra Meeker and his family. It has been standing for over a century and holds large local significance.
Meridian Ave, the core of Puyallup, has remained the life of the city throughout the years. It has turned into a harmonious hodge podge with some of the city’s oldest businesses and new stores opening next door. This beautiful street with its colorful signs and banners also hosts the annual Daffodil parade every spring for everyone to enjoy.
This town is full of rich and exciting history and tradition which is why coba communities chose to base our headquarters here. We wanted to honor Puyallup’s long legacy as best as we could so we scoured the local library for some historical photos to hang in our office. Our goal was to create a link between Puyallup’s past and its future, the future we all have a part in creating. These photos remind us of the impact that community can have on a town. Here at Coba we strive to have that same impact in the places we build residential communities.