About Us

At Coba Communities our mission is building community. In neighborhoods of new homes, in relationships with the people we serve, and in the culture we promote in our organization, building community is our goal.


Coba Communities stands on its pillars of purpose, structure, discipline and mindset. We appreciate your interest in learning more about us and look forward to an opportunity to get to know you better.



Clarity concerning what we are doing and why. Our purpose is to build community. COBA exists to build community in everything we do.


The framework on which purpose takes shape and strength. Like our bodies have skeletons and skin, our businesses must have methods and systems to give them stability to perform and grow.


A code of behavior. Discipline is accountability and responsibility for one’s words, actions and results. High performance habits lead to high performance outcomes.

mind set

Our state of being. Ownership and control of our attitude unlocks the best version of ourselves. Our thoughts determine our reality.