Coba Communities is committed to bringing communities to market where people love to live. Our approach is different because our focus is different. We know there’s nothing more important to you than your family. We see it as our job to provide more options for people to purchase great homes in great neighborhoods. We know you work hard to protect and provide for what’s most important in your life and Coba works hard to give you a wonderful place to do it.

We appreciate the opportunity for Coba Communities to play a small part in helping you love where you live. Three simple areas of focus: innovation, design, and quality, help us stay connected to the disciplines we know are critical to consistently developing and delivering amazing homes.


innovation & technology

Innovation drives our desire to design new ways for you and your family to live. Amenities like secure front porch parcel boxes, zoom rooms for virtual learning and meetings, and smart security with keyless entry are just a few of the ways our innovation team is working to stay ahead of the changes and challenges of life.

design & Liveability

Coba Communities are custom designed with you in mind. Our mark in every community is to offer you an amazing home with beauty, quality, function and flexibility. The better our design in each of these four core areas, the greater the opportunity we have to serve you and your family to the best of our ability.


Quality of relationships and communication. Quality of materials and construction. Quality is a non-negotiable in Coba Communities. Our commitment to quality should be evident as you experience our communities…a little sharper, cleaner, more thoughtful. We believe you deserve it.

Innovation inspires new concepts for incredible comfort and convenience. Design puts our ideas on paper so they can be built. Quality business systems, materials, and craftsmanship transform blueprints into homes for you and your family to live and love.

Featured Communities


South Hill, Puyallup